Giving British and German young people a platform for discussion and change


Since 2006, our UK-German youth seminars have been giving British and German young people a platform to discuss the challenges facing them today and to come up with ideas for change. Over the course of four seminars, the participants have collaborated on exploring a wide range of issues and identifying potential solutions - the findings of which they have expressed creatively in our youth magazine 'Still & Sparkling', as well as put into practice in their own lives, their schools and their communities.

A central goal of the UK-German youth seminars is to make young people realise that they have a voice and further, that they can use this voice to make a difference. Have a look at our UK-German Youth Seminar 2013 online space to learn more about the most recent participants' achievements, how working with young people from another European country has inspired them and in what ways they have benefited from taking part in such an one-off opportunity.

Sustainability, citizenship & education

Returning from the seminar one participant summarised the experience: "it was a fantastic, engaging and motivational event, which has inspired me to act further and introduce something beneficial in my school". Supported by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, our most recent seminar took place in 2013 in Berlin under the three themes of 'sustainability', 'citizenship' and 'education'. About 60 British and German young people were asked to identify the challenges of today and explore possible solutions. Guided workshops allowed them to learn more about each individual topic and then put their findings into practice, which they did in the form of articles (Still & Sparkling 3 is available now), podcasts and photographs, as well as implementing ideas for change in their schools and communities.

Impressive outcomes

The outcomes of the seminars have been impressive. Bringing young people together is a great catalyst for change - we look forward to what the next UK-German youth seminar will bring! Our UK-German youth seminars take place on an annual/biennial basis and are aimed at young people from the UK and Germany who are between 15 and 19 years old and actively involved in their school communities. The key objective is to connect engaged pupils who have an interest in languages and/or European matters and are committed to promoting UK-German youth relations.

Watch this space for upcoming opportunities!

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