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Youth Challenge Fund

The Youth Challenge Fund provides support for joint thematic activities between UK and German youth groups, including a visit to Germany. The programme aims to enhance young people's international experience and intercultural awareness by supporting UK-German youth partnerships undertaking a bilateral collaborative project.

Applications are currently closed and our grant offer is under review.

If you have a project coming up soon, which you request funding for, please get in touch. We will look at applications outside of the usual deadline, while we review our grant offer.

For general reference, a summary of our main criteria and procedures is listed below. Please call us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas.

What criteria does your project have to meet?

  • At least eight young people from each participating institution/youth group are involved in the visit and the project activity surrounding the visit. The visit must include a minimum of four full days of collaborative thematic activities.
  • The visit should be firmly embedded in a wider, overarching youth topic which clearly displays the added value of bringing the UK and German youth groups together.
  • The activity focuses on a coherent theme, which must be relevant and interesting for young people, leading to concrete outcomes and results. Activities should include a strong element of joint investigation of overarching issues.
  • The focus of the trip is on real and meaningful interaction, collaboration and joint activity between the young people from both countries, including joint preparatory work and follow-up activities.
  • The proposal must clearly demonstrate how joint activities will contribute to the development of key skills and competencies for young people.
  • A language learning element is welcomed but not compulsory

A full list of criteria will be available in the guidelines when applications open again.

How much funding can you get and what can it be used for?

  • The maximum grant available is £2,500, which will be awarded to the travelling group and must be used towards their costs.
  • Grants provided through the Youth Challenge Fund can support costs such as travel, accommodation and project resources and will be a contribution to the overall costs.
  • Applicants must contribute at least 25% of the overall eligible activity costs through participants’ contributions and other sources of funding.
  • The grant will be awarded to the travelling group and must be used towards the travelling group’s costs; financial support is not available for the hosting group.
  • In the case of reciprocal visits, the travelling youth group should make an application for the return visit.

When should you apply for the grant?

  • There are three deadlines each year: 31 January, 31 May, and 31 October. See the box at the top of this page for the next deadline.
  • Proposed project activities cannot start until at least six weeks after the funding deadline to allow the required administrative and processing time. For example, an application for a project starting in February would need to be submitted for the previous October deadline.

How can you apply for the grant?

Guidelines and application forms will be available on this web page when applications open. Please ensure that you submit your application using the latest forms.

Please note that Youth Challenge Fund applications can only be submitted by one participating institution on behalf of the whole project. This can be either the German or British institution. The corresponding information for your German partners is available under Youth Challenge Fund on the German section of our website.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like to discuss your plans, please contact us at funding@ukgermanconnection.org.


Informationen für deutsche Antragsteller finden Sie auf den deutschen Seiten unserer Website.