Share your enthusiasm with others!

About the programme

Please note that the 2016-17 application round will open in September 2016 and the programme will take place between January and May 2017. This page provides general information about the programme.

Are you enthusiastic about the German language and culture? Do you want to share this enthusiasm by promoting intercultural dialogue and running projects and activities? If you would like to bring young people from the UK and Germany together, helping to create contacts and connections, then become a UK-German Youth Ambassador!

The UK-German Youth Ambassadors are a network of enthusiastic young people in the UK and Germany who have a genuine interest in the other country and are keen to help promote UK-German activities and encourage other young people to get involved. They do this through engaging with younger pupils in their own school and local area, and by planning and running their own projects and activities.

The main aims are to:

  • facilitate contact between young people and children (primary school pupils) in the UK and Germany
  • increase young people's intercultural awareness and competence (in particular for younger pupils)
  • facilitate dialogue and debate between young people in both countries

Projects and seminar

Youth Ambassadors develop projects and activities in conjunction with their peers in the UK and in Germany, and with guidance and support from UK-German Connection. All UK and German ambassadors meet at a joint seminar during the course of the programme period, in which they have the change to discuss, develop and reflect on their projects.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are at least 15 years old and still in school for the whole duration of the programme. You must be a UK resident, and willing and able to comply with the programme aims as outlined above.

Please note: pupils who are in their final year of school/college are not eligible to for the programme.

German language skills are not required for membership. Active support from both your school and parent(s)/guardian(s) is essential.