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Year of Science 2016-17

The Year of Science 2016-17 was an initiative led by the German Ministry for Education and Research. With the UK as its partner country, the motto for the Year of Science was Seas and Oceans. As part of the initiative, partner schools from the UK and Germany were invited to take part in joint projects on this theme, for which various funding opportunities were available.

'Seas and Oceans' youth seminar

In October 2017, 50 young people aged 15-18 from around the UK & Germany met in Hamburg to discuss the challenges and issues around the future of our seas and oceans. The seminar was organised in collaboration with the British Council in Germany.

Activities included an excursion to the mudflats and expert-led workshops on:

  • ocean litter - why it matters
  • rising sea levels - challenges facing us and our world
  • biodiversity / ocean literacy - looking at the impact on our lives and wildlife

Visit the Stories and experiences page to find out how it went!

Funding opportunities

Would you like to get involved in a joint thematic project with your German partner school? Schools can apply to UK-German Connection for funding, which has been especially earmarked for activities, which tie in with the 'Sea and Oceans' theme. Several funding opportunities are available, including the Instant Impact, Challenge Fund and Partnerships in Learning programmes. For an overview, and further details on the programme guidelines and application forms, visit our funding pages.

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Seas and Oceans youth seminar 2017

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