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World War I Projects

This special flexible-funding scheme is designed to bring young people of the UK and Germany together to facilitate an exchange of ideas, joint learning and open discussions on topics related to World War One.

What criteria does your project have to meet?

  • Schools and youth groups in the UK and Germany are eligible for funding.
    • Activities must be joint and bilateral [UK-German], with a high level of relevant interaction between the young people.
  • The young people actively engage in an educational learning and thinking process, including discussion, debate and reflection.
  • The activity has a strong wider impact, and the young people take an active role in this.

Funding is available for grants of between £500 and £5,000, depending on the scale of activity.

For a full list of criteria, please refer to the programme guidelines.

When and how should you apply for the grant?

  • The flexible funding scheme has a rolling deadline. Applications can be submitted at any time.
  • Proposed project activities cannot start until at least six weeks after you have submitted your application to allow the required administrative and processing time.
  • Please read the guidelines.
  • To apply, please download and complete our application form (see Files to download list on this page) and submit it electronically to funding@ukgermanconnection.org.
  • Please ensure that your application is discussed and prepared collaboratively and include or attach relevant statements from your partner organisation, particularly if applying for a one-way visit to your institution.

Please note that only one participating institution applies on behalf of the whole project. The corresponding information (in German) and application form (in English) for your German partners is available under Projekte zum Ersten Weltkrieg on the German section of our website.

If you have any questions about the programme or you would like to discuss your plans, please contact us at funding@ukgermanconnection.org.

Good luck with your application!


Informationen für deutsche Antragsteller finden Sie auf den deutschen Seiten unserer Website.

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