Tips: Finding accommodation

Due to the remit of UK-German Connection, we are unable to offer direct assistance and advice on finding accommodation in Germany. However, we have put together a number of links which might be helpful.

In a nutshell

Whatever it is you choose to do in Germany, one matter which you might have to consider is where you are going to live. If you choose to be an au pair, then this is the easy part, as you will be provided with accommodation. However, if you do an internship, a voluntary placement or become a language assistant, things might be a bit different.

You might decide that you want to find your own accommodation in Germany. Have a look at the property section, der Immobilienmarkt, of German newspapers to see if there are any available places to rent in the area you are looking at. WGs (Wohngemeinschaften) are another option. These are flats or houses which are shared by several people, usually students. Living in a WG can be a great way to spend some time with people of your own age, whilst also improving your German.