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Article: An insight into Great Britain's under-16s boys handball squad

By voyage reporter Aisha Tayub

Increasing popularity

Germany is one of the major handball-playing nations and enthusiasm for the sport runs high across the country. In Britain it is a different story - the sport remains relatively unknown. However, since the Olympics were held in London in 2012 this is beginning to change, especially because both the women's and men's GB teams participated in the Olympic handball events. Furthermore, there are now three schools in the UK that are handball academies and Carshalton Boys Sports College is the latest addition to this group.

Voyage reporter Aisha caught up with Tyler, Luke and Cameron who go to Carshalton Boys Sports College and are also part of the England under-16s national squad. They had just returned from a brilliant fortnight taking part in the Partille Cup and couldn't wait to talk about their handball experiences and open up about why it's such a great sport.

Interview with Cameron Muir, 16

What made you chose handball?

Ummm... let me think... well I learnt it in school as one of our P.E. lessons and just enjoyed it from the onset. I then decided to participate in clubs and the more I played, the more I loved the game.

What are your interests apart from handball?

I also dance - mostly street dancing. I'm into music and I see dancing as a way of expressing myself.

What is the best part of playing handball?

For me the best part is scoring a good goal - setting it up right and just getting it in the back of the net, or when I help someone else to score an amazing goal. When the ball goes into the back of the net it's a great feeling, especially if it's down to you or your help.

Do you want to play at an Olympic level?

Of course, that's my ultimate goal! It would be amazing to the country at such a big event, doing the thing I love most.

Do you have a role model?

I look up to anyone who does something they love and has become very successful at it. As dance is another one of my passions, a lot of my role models are dancers. For example, George Sampson, who achieved so much at such an early age or the whole team behind Pineapple Dance Studios because they worked together to get as far as they have done. To a certain extent this reflects our squad: we were formed just under 2 years ago and we've worked so hard that handball has gone from being purely recreational to something that means the world to us.

Do you have any advice for other young people?

Just don't give up regardless of what happens. Work through injuries and anything else that gets in your way.

Have you ever been injured?

Yeah, quite a few times actually. The worst injury was a full dislocation of my shoulder which kept me out of the game for three weeks. It wasn't great but I kept doing stretches and worked hard to get back into the game.

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