A joint project on <em>Charly and the Chocolate Factory.</em>
A joint project on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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primary project ideas

Are you interested in getting involved in a joint project with a primary school or group in Germany?

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration?

This page includes a few suggestions for themes and activities to help you get started. To receive more information on ideas for projects, please contact us.


The environment

Plant life, animals and water
Activities: pupils collect poems in English and German on the theme of the environment
Products: poems, posters and collages.

Alternative energy - our way to save the planet
Activities: pupils learn and write about recycling processes.
Products: posters and leaflets.

European citizenship, identity, culture

Growing up in Europe / cultural diversity
Activities: pupils compare their cultures, traditions and local surroundings.
Products: town guides, costumes, decorations, poster presentations of local history, events and handicrafts.

A day in the life of…
Activities: pupils describe their everyday life (school, home, pets and daily routine) in pictures, stories, collages and films.
Products: Self portraits, posters, diaries, school materials, films.

Celebrations and Holidays

Local holidays, festivals and traditions
Activities: pupils compare how birthdays are celebrated.
Products: posters, books, pictures, cards, decorations, costumes.

A trip through Europe
Activities: pupils sing songs in different languages and present their own and other European countries.
Products: audio and video recordings, decorated sheet music, posters.

Art, literature, music, film and drama

Let’s cook!
Activities: pupils test and present recipes, take pictures of local dishes and write a cookery book together.
Product: cookery book.

Fairy tales
Activities: pupils illustrate and perform regional or national fairytales, myths and legends.
Products: books, pictures and videos of the plays.

General correspondence and ICT activities

  • Pen pals 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Webpage creation 
  • Email 
  • Blogging 
  • Podcasting

Exchange of:

  • Letters 
  • Stories / story books 
  • Recipe books 
  • Calendars 
  • Drawings 
  • Photos 
  • Videos / film clips 
  • CDs / songs