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Tips from the UK-German Creative Media Seminar in Berlin

Ten top-tips for podcasting

  • Plan the podcast well - this will save lots of time later on.

  • Assign different roles to different people in the group and use a variety of voices.

  • Make sure you're familiar with the recording equipment before you do your recording.

  • Make sure the microphone has a windshield if you're working outside.

  • Make sure you know how far you need to hold the microphone away from people.

  • Don't be shy about interviewing people on the street - get out there!

  • Make sure you record enough material - it's always better to have too much.

  • Use music in your podcasts. Start it louder and fade it down to a minimum when people are talking.

  • Use sound effects to create atmosphere.

  • Make sure you 'normalise' the sound recordings and raise the volume to make them audible.