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Finding a partner in Germany

UK-German Connection is here to help you from the very beginnings of your partnership journey through to advising you on project ideas and funding applications.

Getting started

Before you start searching, take some time to consider:

  • your objective(s)
    What are your main aims for setting up links with a German partner? What kind of benefits should a partnership bring to your school or group?
  • what type of partner would suit your needs
    For schools, our overview of the German school system will help you make this decision. Think about whether you are looking for a school with a particular focus, e.g. a vocational school or a school with particular facilities.
  • what you can offer a partner school or youth group
    This could include local or regional culture, specialisms in sports, sciences or other subjects, ICT facilities and extra-curricular activities.
  • location and demographic
    Decide whether you would like to work with a partner organisation with a similar demographic or in a comparable local area.
  • what activities you would like to work on
    For inspiration, visit our showcase page, packed with examples of project topics and activities.
  • what resources you have or need
    Think about virtual communication in particular, including ICT equipment for Skype sessions or online conversations with German peers.
  • which members of staff will be involved in the link and how
    Discuss your plans or ideas with senior members of staff and colleagues from other disciplines in line with your objectives.

Getting your senior leadership team on board

Before setting up a link with a partner school or youth group, it is important to discuss your ideas and plans with senior members of staff. Think about how a partnership can benefit pupils, staff and the wider school. These testimonials from teachers, parents and young people themselves as well as the wide range of support available may come in useful.

Does your senior leadership team need more information?

Download the British Council's Exchange Starter Pack for comprehensive documentation and information to help with planning an exchange:

Taking your time

Do give yourself enough time to look at various possible partner schools/youth groups and openly and honestly discuss expectations, practicalities and core objectives with potential partners before signing up to one or taking discussions further - it will be time well-invested.


"Clearly identify the aims and objectives of the partnership and what roles each project will play in the process." (Shankill Area Project)