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Article: Is that all there is to German music?

By voyage reporter Nicholas Jones

Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are all icons of classical music and were a major influence on the music of their time. But that is not all Germany has to offer in the way of music! Although not many people in the UK would expect it, contemporary German music is flourishing. And German artists are still a great influence to this day.

Tune in!

As a British school pupil starting to learn a language, you are often told to immerse yourself in a country's culture. For me, German music seemed a great way of supplementing the studying of Rechtschreibung and endless grammar. Anyone suffering from the language-learning blues would agree that a large prescription of foreign music is the finest medicine to cure a lack of vocabulary and grammar!

Favourite bands

My favourite German bands generally seem to echo my tastes in English-language music. Rap, electronic and rock bands such as Fettes Brot, Sammy Deluxe, Seeed, Kraftwerk and Die Fantastischen Vier are always on my list of favourites. What I enjoy most about these artists is how they perform in German - it sounds sensational and creates a very catchy rhythm. The success of new bands such as Mia and Wir sind Helden proves that German pop is en vogue – or in Mode, as the Germans say.

The language issue

In many ways, I find that German often works better in a song than English – such as Nena’s legendary 80s international hit 99 Luftballons, which she sung both in English and German.

I think that change can come with the music itself. Take a song such as Fettes Brot’s Nordisch by Nature, which, as the title shows, is a fusion of different languages in itself. German rap is already regarded as a melting pot for the many cultures living in Germany. Who knows, German music may one day be listened to not only in Germany, but in other European countries – including the UK. Why don’t you tune in now?

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