Factfile: Freundeskreis - Hip-Hop from Stuttgart

Band: Freundeskreis
Music: Hip-hop
Home town: Stuttgart, Germany
Members: Max Herre, Don Philippe and DJ Friction
Albums: 1997 Quadratur des Kreises (1997), Esperanto (1999), En Directo (2000), FK 10 (2007)

The band Freundeskreis formed in 1996 and became famous after their first single A-N-N-A reached number 6 in the German charts. Subsequently, the band created hip-hop based on political and revolutionary rhymes, incorporating hip-hop with soul, reggae, funk and jazz.

Examples of their most successful songs are Mit Dir and Tabula Rasa Pt. 2. Freundeskreis also covered the song Halt dich an deiner Liebe fest ('Hold on to your love') which was originally sung by Rio Reiser.

Over the years, Freundeskreis has sold more than 600,000 albums and is often regarded as one of Germay’s best live hip-hop bands. For their 10th anniversary, Freundeskreis performed at numerous festivals in Germany. However, on September 19th 2007, the band gave its last ever concert in Stuttgart as the band members wanted to concentrate on their solo careers. In spite of this, Max, Don Philippe and DJ Friction still keep up their special friendship which developed not least because of their extraordinary success in the world of music.

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