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Article: Check out Dan's favourite German songs.

By voyage reporter Dan Cashman

The greatest insight into a country's culture is undoubtedly through its music. It is a shame, therefore, that the only German music widely known over here is Rammstein, which leaves a lot to be desired for those of us not inspired by heavy rock! There is good German music to suit every taste. Personally, I like indie-rock (The Fray, The Feeling, Snow Patrol etc.) and here are my top five recommendations for people with similar tastes:

Kante - Zombi

Kante, which originated in Hamburg in the mid-90s, is predominantly indie but has clear jazz influences in much of its music. The lyrics are often profound but the tracks remain upbeat and catchy.

Freundeskreis - Leg dein Ohr auf die Schiene der Geschichte

Freundeskreis is a hip-hop band, which sings predominantly in German but also in English, Esperanto and French. This song is typical of the band, due to its politically-inspired lyrics, which are reflected in the mellow start to the track. The English-sung chorus is supported by rap-influenced verses and a truly diverse range of instruments.

Fettes Brot - Jein

Another hip-hop group, you'd be hard-pressed not to find a track from Fettes Brot in a German club. The songs are fun to listen to - unsurprising from a band called 'fat bread'! The brass solo is unique and places this track firmly in my top five.

PeterLicht - Safarinachmittag

PeterLicht's actual name is Meinrad Jungblut (think I would have changed it too) and his music is mainly classified as 'electropop'. The absurd lyrics are simple to understand and I challenge anyone not to smile during the chorus.

Blumfeld - Der Fluss

We all have our secret vices. Mine is to indulge in the true cheese of Blumfeld. The indie-pop band has been compared to Snow Patrol and the music is undoubtedly easy-listening. The album Verbotene Früchte, from which this track comes, has some other gems too.

There were many songs that could have easily made it onto my list - if you liked those, I'd recommend Wir Sind Helden, Tocotronic, Sportfreunde Stiller, Max Herre, Die Sterne and Die Ärzte. Happy listening!

Did you know ...

... that Sir Simon Rattle made a film with young people in Berlin called Rhythm is it?