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For many of us, plasticine is just a toy from our childhood. But for animator Nick Park, plasticine has become an essential part of his life. Park is the creator of two legendary characters: the tank-top wearing, cheese-loving Wallace and his silent dog, Gromit.

Wallace and Gromit are loved worldwide and have become a valuable part of British popular culture. They were originally ideas for a student film in 1982. It took 10 years before the figures were first moulded from plasticine. Since then, the three short films – A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave – featuring the two characters, have been seen in 46 countries and Nick Park has won three Oscars with his creations.

The first 90 minute film

In 2005, Wallace and Gromit starred in their first 90 minute film. Yet it can take a whole day to produce just two seconds of finished footage, despite the fact there are about 30 cameras rolling on a normal filming, with 30 animators working simultaneously on 30 different sets.

The figures themselves are a lot of work too. It takes three months alone to make a Wallace figure from scratch! Many things have to be made again and again, such as the figures' hands. As a result, the company has whole boxes of mouths to stick onto the figures' faces in order to change their facial expressions. According to one animator who works with Park, "two seconds a day is a good day's work", as everything is done by hand.

Nützliche Wörter

English Deutsch
plasticine der Knetgummi
animator der Trickfilmzeichner
essential unverzichtbar
tank-top der Pullunder
valuable wertvoll
to mould modellieren
to star eine Hauptrolle spielen
rolling cameras laufende Kameras
simultaneously gleichzeitig

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