Read in English: Are we a manipulated society?

Von voyage reporter Emily Sheen

What is a tabloid newspaper?

There are two different kinds of newspaper in Britain: the tabloid, and the broadsheet. Broadsheet newspapers are traditionally larger in size and more complicated, concentrating on political news, whilst tabloids are smaller and usually simpler to read, containing the main news stories, but also 'gossip', such as celebrity news and human-interest stories. The most popular newspaper in the UK is The Sun which is a tabloid. The German equivalent of this is Bild whilst the most famous broadsheet is The Times.

How do tabloid newspapers influence society?

To influence, is to persuade someone to change their point of view. Today we say that society is influenced by the media. We believe what we see on television and what we read in newspapers. The tabloid newspapers in particular, can express a certain point of view and present it as a fact. For example, singer Amy Winehouse has been turned against by The Sun newspaper, and people began to disrespect her rather than feeling sorry for her, for having a problem with drug abuse.

Tabloids are not renowned for telling the whole truth, they will often exaggerate stories to shock the public. If people are worried by what they read in the news they will buy the newspaper again the next day, to see what the government are doing about it.

Tabloids have the power to make an issue seem the most important thing in the world, or nothing worth thinking about. They can make you love or hate celebrities. Tabloids also inform readers about the latest trends, showing us what the stars are wearing, and telling us how we can be more fashionable. We all believe them, so society's views as a whole might change.

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Nützliche Wörter

English Deutsch
tabloid newspapers die Regenbogenpresse
broadsheet newspapers die Qualitätspresse
to contain beinhalten
celebrity die Berühmtheit, der Prominente
to persuade überzeugen
in particular besonders
to turn against someone sich gegen jemanden wenden
to be renowned for für etwas bekannt sein
to exaggerate übertreiben
issue hier: das Thema (auch: die Ausgabe einer Zeitung)
to make up one's own mind sich selbst eine Meinung bilden