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By Imogen Vance

The Olympics are approaching! As one of 8000 London Ambassadors Tess Fawcett gives us the insight into her role in the team. She has a summer of riding the tube, directing excited tourists to the Games (and probably to Topshop in Oxford Circus) and carrying off the colourful uniform to look forward to.

What sort of roles will you be undertaking at the Olympics?

My main role is to be willing to 'show' London to tourists who are here for the games. A team of London Ambassadors are scattered around tourist hotspots - I'm based in Leicester Square - and there are 'pods' which have maps, vouchers, info, sometimes the internet and touch screens. We are also in charge of keeping our area clean and safe. We've received customer service training from John Lewis, been on a World Host Course and taken part in a 'Heartstart' training course provided by the British Heart Foundation.

Will you have to do any activities that don't involve the Olympics?

The main project is the Olympics but Team London Ambassadors is a volunteering project that helps out at big events in London. The upcoming event is the Diamond Jubilee where a few of the London Ambassadors will be helping out as part of their training.

What are the advantages?

We receive all sorts of professional training, which will be useful later on in life. There are also little perks, such as free travel and food during our volunteering days and a tree is being planted for every Ambassador in a memorial park! We also get invited to lots of events for free, such as West End plays and rugby matches with live performances! We get official recognition from the Mayor of London and a chance to be in the final Olympics parade on 10 September 2012. London will probably not host the Olympics again for a long time so it'll be an unforgettable experience.

Do you have a special uniform?

The uniform is particularly bright because we need to be seen - a pink and purple polo shirt, jumper and rain-jacket complemented with a compulsory black cap or stunning straw hat!

What are you most looking forward to doing as a London Ambassador?

I'm most looking forward to representing London during the Games and experiencing everything first hand!