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(May 2009) Famous People / Berühmte Persönlichkeiten

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Music: Fettes Brot


By Emily Sheen See Emily's profile

Music: Hip Hop

Home town: Hamburg, North Germany

Members: Boris Lauterbach (aka König Boris) Martin Vandreier (aka Dokter Renz) Björn Warns (aka Schiffmeister)



Fettes Brot means "Fat Bread" in English. The band heard a fan say this about them after a concert and thought it was so bizarre they would adopt it as their official name. Originating from Hamburg, the band are occasionally nick-named "Hamburg’s hip-hop dinosaurs" since they have been around for such a long time.

Musical career

Their first hit 'Nordisch by nature' stayed in the charts for a month! The song begins with the sound of a foghorn and the lyrics are sung in a strong north German accent, meaning that many north German people have adopted it as a sort of anthem. They have continued releasing successful hits ever since. Their latest album came out in January 2008 and the most famous songs include; Emmanuela (this won the Comet 2005 best song and the Germany and Austria Gold Award), An Tagen Wie Diesen, and Bettina zieh dir bitte etwas an.

Love puns!

Many of their song and album titles are plays on words. For example Auf einem Auge blöd means "Stupid in one eye" which is a parody of the phrase Auf einem Auge blind, meaning "Blind in one eye". The three band members, who have now gone on to manage themselves also like their nicknames: Boris Lauterbach is called König Boris, Kay Bee Baby, Rock'n'Roll Coseng and Long Leg Lauterbach. Martin Vandreier is also known as Rektor Donz, Roktor Denz, Speedy Konsalik, Rostige Pforte or Hektor Ronz. The third band member, Björn Warns has the alternative names Björn Beton, Schiffmeister, Flash Müller and Papa Geil.

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