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Europe - from the Schengen Agreement to the Eurovision

Online Magazine: Europe


Welcome to the latest edition of the UK-German online magazine. This time it's all about Europe - a topic that is both complex and inspiring.

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Herzlich willkommen!

Herzlich willkommen zur neuesten Ausgabe des deutsch-britischen Online-Magazins. Dieses Mal geht es um ein ebenso großes und komplexes wie auch spannendes Thema: Europa.

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Sprechen Sie Denglisch?

How is the influx of English affecting the German language?

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Eurovision - Political pop stars or singers for solidarity?

How far is our continent's biggest song contest affected by European relations, and what, if anything, does this mean for the future of the event?

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Europe's Tea Culture

How does the serving of tea differ from country to country?

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Gute Reise!

Should the Brits try out a different holiday destination?

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