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Exploring the digital world

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Welcome Everyone!

Exploring the digital world: Facebook, Spotify, different music formats, kindles, artificial intelligence and much more.

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Alles rund um die digitale Welt: Facebook, Spotify, verschiedene Musikformate, Kindles, Künstliche Intelligenz und vieles mehr.

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UK-German Connections to the Digital World

Although American and Asian companies seem to dominate the technology market, the UK and Germany still have a vital role to play in the digital world.

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Kindles vs books

Could the Kindle ever replace the traditional book?

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The Digital Db8

Communication is at the heart of almost everything we do. Without it, ideas, thoughts, and points of view could not be expressed, and we would find ourselves struggling to accomplish the simplest of tasks.

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Die Alternative zum illegalen Musik-Stream

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The digital world vs the real world: a growing battle?

Can we reach a balance between the real and the digital world or are we already spinning into a world where our values are dominated by digital devices and the experiences they give us?

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Technology, consumerism and status symbols

The development of technology from a useful tool to a status symbol and contributor to consumerism

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Social networks: for better or worse?

In a very short space of time social networking sites have become a huge part of our lives, but have they made our lives better or worse?

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