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Grey wolves have returned to live in eastern Germany. They've settled in a remote region of Saxony, close to the border of the state Brandenburg and Poland. Experts think that there haven't been any wild wolves in Germany since 1850. The first wolves are thought to have come back in 1998.

How many wolves do you think there are in Germany?
  1. Thousands of wolves
  2. Hundreds of wolves
  3. Nobody knows how many there are
No one knows exactly how many wolves there are in Germany. There are now two wolf packs in the Muskauer Heide. Here, the number of animals has gone from two wolves in 1999 to 18 wolves in 2003.

Wolves love the peace and quiet of the wilderness. They don't like to get too close to humans. Their new home is in a very remote area, in a nature reserve. Wild boar, rabbits and deer also live here, so there's plenty of food for the hungry wolves.
How much does an adult male grey wolf weigh?
  1. 35 to 55 kg
  2. 20 to 35 kg
  3. 60-75 kg
The wolves' return has been welcomed by animal lovers but local farmers are worried about their sheep. An adult wolf can weigh up to 55 kg - and they have a good appetite. Not all the wolves in the Muskauer Heide will stay where they are. The younger animals like to move on and form their own pack.

Did You Know? As far as we know, there are no wild wolves in Britain. The last wolf in Scotland was killed in 1743. Until 1990, the law said that people in Germany and Poland must kill any wolves they saw in their area. But now, wolves are protected under European law.

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