Make a Schultüte!


Make your own Schultüte!

Materials for the <em>Schultüte</em> Materials for the Schultüte

A Schultüte is given to kids in Germany on their first day of school, and is filled with all sorts of treats and yummy sweets.

Make your own Schultüte and fill it up with treats and useful stationery that you would need on your first day of school.

You will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. A stapler
  3. Tissue paper
  4. Ribbon
  5. Sticky tape / glue

What colour and decorations the Schultüte will have is up to you! You could add some long, glittery tape to it, draw on it ... everything goes!

Before you start, make sure you get an adult to help you!

Step 1

Schultüte step 1 The card

Cut a sheet of coloured card into a quarter of a circle.

Step 2

Schultüte step 2 Gluing the card

Glue one of the straight edges. You can also use double-sided tape.

Step 3

Schultüte step 3 The cone

Now carefully roll the paper into a cone and glue it together.

Step 4

Schultüte step 4 Dinosaurs

You can decorate your Schultüte with whatever you like. Why not make one with dinosaurs on it? Draw some dinosaurs or print them. Cut them out and colour them.

Step 6

Schultüte step 6 The tissue paper

Take the tissue paper and put it around the top of the Schultüte. Use a stapler to attach the tissue paper to the cone.

Step 5

Schultüte step 5 Decorating the cone

Glue the dinosaurs on the Schultüte.

Step 7

Schultüte step 7 Presents!

Fill the Schultüte with presents, sweets and useful stationery!

Step 8

Schultüte step 8 The finished Schultüte

Cut off some ribbon and tie it around the tissue paper to close the Schultüte. Phew! Your Schultüte is finished!