Make your own numberplate


Why not try making your own voyage kids German numberplate?

In Germany, you can tell what area cars come from thanks to the numberplate! Each area has a special code, like 'B' for the capital city, Berlin, 'M' for München (Munich), and so on. You can find out all about it on our German numberplates page.

Why not make your own personalised voyage kids German numberplate using the authentic area codes? You can look them up on:

For example, if you wanted to spell the word Katze ('cat'), you could choose a numberplate from Karlsruhe, which begins with 'KA', and fill in the other letters yourself. Or if your name is Alex, you could chose a numberplate from Augsburg ('A') and fill in the rest of the letters.

To help you, we've created a special Word template (DOCX) for you to download and fill in.

Why not look up some details of the town / area you've chosen? Where is it in Germany? What is it famous for? Is it a town, city, or rural area? What is the surrounding area like? Would you like to visit it?

You can find out more about some famous German cities and their numberplates in our German cities and numberplates quiz.