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Flammkuchen - source: Wikipedia

Flammkuchen is a type of pizza which comes from south western Germany and Alsace in France (just over the border). Unlike pizza, the Flammkuchen base is very thin and is square, not round. Instead of tomatoes, it is smothered with creamy cheese and normally comes with onions and bacon on top.


Sauerbraten - source: Wikipedia

Sauerbraten is probably the closest thing to our Roast Dinner. It is roasted meat (usually beef), served with potato dumplings, red cabbage and a sauce. Sauerbraten is popular throughout Germany, but is especially well known in the north west, where it used to be made from horse meat!


Rollmops - source: Wikipedia

Rollmops are like sushi with a German twist! To make rollmops, pickled herring is rolled around pickled gherkin or green olives, skewered on a stick and then eaten cold or on bread.


Labskaus - source: Wikipedia

Served on the north coast of Germany, as well as in countries like Norway or Sweden, Labskaus is a mixture of corned beef, potatoes, onions and gherkins with a fried egg on top.

Bohneneintopf mit Speck

This is a type of stew or soup which is made from beans and bacon and comes from the east of Germany. German winters can get pretty cold so warming stews are very popular!


Weißwurst - source: Wikipedia

Weisswurst is a white sausage which is eaten in the south of Germany, in Bavaria. Although we eat sausages for lunch or dinner, Weisswurst is traditionally eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch! Bavarians eat Weisswurst with mustard and Brezeln (big doughy pretzels), which are another popular snack in the south.


Leberkäse - source: Wikipedia

Leberkäse means 'liver cheese' in English, which may sound a bit disgusting, but actually Leberkäse in Bavaria doesn’t contain liver or cheese! Leberkäse is actually a kind of pâté made of meat and onions, which you can eat with bread.


Dampfnudel - source: Wikipedia

Dampfnudel ('steam dumplings') can be eaten as part of a main course or as a pudding. For a main meal, you can eat it with cabbage, salad and mushrooms, or for pudding, you can eat it with vanilla custard.


Spargel - source: Wikipedia

Spargelzeit (asparagus season) is extremely popular in Germany, particularly in the area around Berlin. Sometimes restaurants create three-course meals which consist only of asparagus dishes! Some villages in Germany even have an Asparagus Festival, crowning an 'asparagus queen' each year. Also, German asparagus is normally white, as opposed to our asparagus, which is green.

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