Christmas for Max and Molly


Max's Christmas in Germany

My name is Max, and I come from Hamburg, in northern Germany.

My family and I go to church in the afternoon of 24 December.

Our Christmas tree is decorated with little figures made of wood or straw, sweets and real candles.

For Christmas lunch we usually have sausages, potato salad and Sauerkraut (pickled white cabbage).

After lunch, we all sing traditional Christmas Carols.

Click here to learn a traditional Christmas Carol

Molly's Christmas in the UK

My name is Molly, and I come from York.

On Christmas Eve (24 December), we normally watch the Christmas eve film on TV.

On Christmas morning (25 December), I rush downstairs to open my presents under the Christmas tree!

Our Christmas tree is decorated with bright-coloured tinsel and lots of plastic baubles.

I love Christmas lunch! We always have turkey, roast potatoes and lots of stuffing.


Christmas in Germany and the UK - a comparison

In Germany In the UK

Christmas decorations:
Straw Stars

Christmas decorations:

Christmas food:
Plätzchen (Christmas biscuits)

Christmas food:
Christmas pudding

Christmas object:

Christmas object: