Learn about Germany with arts and crafts

For teachers

Would you like to further your pupils' Intercultural Understanding (IU) and get creative at the same time? - Why not teach your pupils about famous German symbols and landmarks by building models of them in class?

There are lots of famous landmarks like Berlin's Fernsehturm (television tower), Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate, but here are a few more unusual ideas of things to make, all of which could help introduce aspects of German culture, history and geography:

  • A Fachwerkhaus (half-timbered-house)
  • A Rheinschiff / Donauschiff (Rhine / Danube ship)
  • A crane from Hamburg harbour
  • A VW Beetle or Trabant
  • A witch on a broomstick - for Walpurgisnacht
  • A Zeppelin - synonymous with Friedrichshafen
  • A cable car from the Zugspitze in the Bavarian Alps

If you have a partner school or twin town in Germany, you could take inspiration from local symbols and landmarks.

Send us some pictures of your pupils' models, along with a brief description of the activity and quotes illustrating what the pupils have learnt, and we'll feature them online (email:

Nigel Pearson's Y6 pupils at at Leighton Academy recently had fun making models of the famous Berlin Funkturm (

They found out facts about this landmark, looked at detail from the structure and its history and then went on to the challenge of making a model of the tower with some basic materials!

They worked in groups and used German colours and adjectives to describe their finished products.

Pupils constructing their model of the Funkturm.

The finished product!