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Host a Teacher from Germany

Would you like to have authentic German cultural input in your school? Through the Host a Teacher from Germany programme, your school can host a German teacher for two or three weeks, at no cost.

Please note that this page contains general information about the programme below. The 2015-16 programme will be open from the end of April 2015.

The teachers are fully-qualified and vetted in Germany, and want to increase their knowledge of UK education and culture and improve their English. Teachers are keen to contribute to the host school community, having a positive impact in numerous ways during their visit. These benefits include:

  • Enthusing pupils: meeting a native speaker and learning about a different country, culture and school system from a 'real German' brings German lessons to life for pupils
  • Joint thematic learning: both sides are able to benefit from discussing educational and curricular themes together and gain a new perspective
  • Linguistic teaching support: pupils (and teachers) are able to practise their German speaking and gain confidence in conversing in the language
  • Discussion and reflection: teachers gain new insight into the German education system, discuss educational issues and are able to see their own system reflected back through the comments and impressions of their visitor
  • The visit helps to broaden horizons, break down any exisiting prejudices, and increase pupils' intercultural awareness and understanding
  • The visit can help raise the profile of MFL in the school
  • A new link can be set up with potential for future school partnership activities


All teachers are vetted under the German system and more information will be provided to all participating schools. We'll also provide you with practical tips and support about how to get the most out of the visit for both sides.Visiting teachers either stay in host families, if your school is in a in position to offer this, or in a local hotel. There are no costs for UK schools to take part in this programme. For more information on this programme, please download the information sheet from the right-hand side of this page.

Taking part

If you are interested in taking part, there is a short hosting form, which will be available from the end of April 2015. On the basis of that form, we will then match you with a teacher from Germany, taking into account your school's context and profile as far as possible. The hosting school does not need to teach German and the co-ordinating teacher does not need to speak it, as all visiting teachers have a good knowledge of English. Visits will take place for either two or three weeks between September and July, and the exact times should be agreed by both the German visitor and the UK host school. Primary, secondary and special schools and FE Colleges in the UK are all eligible to take part.
The next application deadline will be in September 2015, although hosting forms can be sent in at any time after the programme opens again at the end of April 2015. For offers received before mid-July, we will confirm your participation in this programme by the end of July, with full details of the visiting teacher to follow as soon as possible after this.

This programme is run in co-operation with our German partner, the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD): www.kmk-pad.org

If you have any questions, or would like further information on the programme, please contact our Host a Teacher programme manager.


Programm-Informationen für deutsche Bewerber finden Sie auf den deutschen Seiten unserer Website.

"The benefit of our school's participation in this project has provided a unique opportunity for our students to get first-hand experience of German life and culture, and improving their German language skills at the same time." (UK co-ordinating teacher, 2013)


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