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"All pupils benefited from having a native German speaker in their language lessons. It caused great excitement among the pupils. It creates more global awareness for our pupils, helping them to develop more as global citizens." (UK co-ordinating teacher, 2012)


Take a look at this video, which teacher Gillian MacLennan created together with her pupils at Cauldeen Primary School to welcome their German guest and give her pupils in Germany an introduction to a British primary school!


In 2010, Michael Faraday Primary School hosted German teacher Jasmin Brune. Listen to this podcast, in which Jasmin is interviewed by her British colleagues and outlines her plans and impressions of her stay in the UK.

host a teacher from germany

Programme information

Provide your school with authentic German cultural input

Under this programme, UK schools can host a teacher from Germany for either two or three weeks to give the visitor an insight into daily life in a UK school and to bring an international element into their own school. Primary, secondary and special schools, and FE colleges, are all eligible to apply. Visiting teachers from Germany are either teachers of English or have a good knowledge of the English language. The German teacher is technically attached to the host school to job-shadow rather than in a teaching role, although both visiting and hosting staff tend to favour more active participation. The UK co-ordinating teacher need not be a teacher of German.

What is expected from the host and the visitor?

Host schools should involve the visiting teacher in the life of the school as much as possible, in order to maximise the impact of the visit for both the visitor and the hosting school.

Feedback from previous host schools has shown many benefits to the hosting school, including:

  • a fresh injection of genuine German culture into the school
  • an opportunity to discuss current educational issues with a colleague from Germany
  • a chance to develop a potential partnership for future project activities
  • an ideal opportunity for Germanists to refresh their language
  • potential INSET for school staff

It is helpful to plan a rough timetable of the visitor's activities in order for them to experience daily life in a UK school, which could include the following:

  • observations of language teaching (including different ability groups)
  • accompanying teachers on duties and extra-curricular activities, and attending staff and departmental meetings
  • teaching input, encompassing both German language and culture
  • visiting other schools or institutions in the area

In order to maximise the benefit to the hosting school and the visiting teacher, schools are also encouraged to build time into the visit to ensure that discussion on an educational theme of mutual interest can take place. This can involve any interested members of school staff and the visiting teacher. We hope that this opportunity will contribute to the professional development of staff and allow time and space for reflection on an area of the school's practice in an international context, and therefore contribute to the international dimension in the life of the school, potentially also involving pupils.

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