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German Teacher Award

Do you know a dedicated teacher of German in the UK who deserves recognition?

The nomination process for the German Teacher Award 2017 has now been closed and will reopen in 2018.

The German Teacher Award is awarded by the German Embassy. It is presented every year to excellent teachers of German who have made an outstanding and dedicated contribution to German teaching at their school, for example through:

  • a record of successful teaching at a school, including innovative language teaching
  • successful introduction of German teaching at a school
  • established and successful link activities with Germany, e.g. projects and exchanges, bilingual projects, curriculum projects
  • use of German language in subjects other than German
  • local or regional outreach activities

Nomination process

Please note that headteachers must nominate the German teacher; unfortunately applications by German teachers submitted by themselves and applications submitted by pupils cannot be accepted.

Information about the nomination process is available on the German Embassy website: www.uk.diplo.de.

The 2017 winners will be announced and prizes presented at a special ceremony at the 'Sommerfest der Deutschen Sprache' in June 2017.

UK-German Connection is a partner of this award.