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FLA/ELA Projects 2017 - First Update

Wales and Saxony - How is my region part of my identity?

Partnership: ELA Ambassador Amy and FLA Ambassador Stephan
Schools: Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls and Geschwister Scholl Oberschule
Pupils involved: 30 pupils, Year 7 and 8
Project theme: The Habs-Sachs-Klub - Different aspects of life in Wales and Saxony

Our project revolves around a regional object exchange of different aspects of life in Wales and Saxony. The aim of the project is for pupils to have a well-rounded knowledge of the national identities of both countries.

The Welsh and German pupils have written letters and taken pictures of themselves; they have also created mind maps of both countries which are currently on their way to the other country. A display of the project is about to be set up in the classroom in the Welsh school, which can then also be used by other German teachers.

Giving the pupils a new insight into different regions and giving them meaningful contact with people of a similar age and language ability is what we ultimately aspire to achieve.
Watch this space for more updates on our project!

European relations after Brexit - How does it affect our national identity?

Partnership: ELA Ambassador Ross Anne and FLA Ambassador Jonas
Schools: Westcliff High School for Boys and Gesamtschule Hungen
Pupils involved: 20 pupils, Year 12 and 13
Project theme: National Identity and Post-Brexit European Relations

Our project aims to give German and British pupils an insight into multicultural life in both countries and focuses on national identity and Post-Brexit European relations.

So far we have applied for the competition 'The British View: Germany - Memories of a Nation' exhibition and won a trip to Berlin; as a result the German pupils were able to visit the exhibition and explore the city. In addition, all pupils have created a personal profile and filmed a video about their own perspective of the other country. In order to get parents and teachers involved as well, we will now create a questionnaire on local, national and international politics. The results and responses will then be summarised and discussed by the pupils.

We hope that through this project pupils will gain an authentic insight about life in the other country and will establish a long-term connection with each other. More to come soon.

Our oceans - unexplored and flooded with waste

Partnership: ELA Ambassador Niall and FLA Ambassador Oke
Schools: Medina College and Trave- Grund- und Gemeinschaftsschule
Pupils involved: Several classes in both schools, Year 7-11
Project theme: Importance of the Sea

Our project was inspired by seas & oceans, the motto for the Year of Science (BMBF Year of Science). The ocean has always played an important role in the lives of our ancestors. It is a source of food, important for local economies and has a big impact on our climate.

The aim of this project is firstly, to increase pupils knowledge and understanding about the topic and secondly, to change their behaviour in terms of waste and pollution. We are going to organise excursions to the coast, and create a video along with a recycling guide. We want to involve as many pupils in our project as possible to show how essential the protection of oceans and seas is for the future of mankind.

Further updates on our project will be coming shortly.


"While I indeed improved my presentation skills, time management and so on, the most important part was to have something that was my personal project, which made me feel more useful at the school." (Tim, FLA Ambassador)