Factfile: Great German film director

Name: Ernst Wilhelm Wenders
Date of birth: 14 August 1945 (Düsseldorf)
Profession: Film director, writer, photographer

Wim Wenders is a very popular German film director. He was part of a group of young German filmmakers who, in 1962, issued a manifesto declaring: "The old cinema is dead, we believe in the new cinema." A highly creative period in German film followed, known as 'New German Cinema'.

After dropping out of medical school and failing to get a place at Art College in Paris, Wim Wenders went on to enjoy a varied and hugely successful career in the film industry. His work ranges from U2 music videos to the cult films Paris, Texas and Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire, as well as the Oscar-nominated documentary The Buena Vista Social Club

Did you know ...

... German films have won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film three times and have received fifteen nominations since the awards began in 1956?