Factfile: Popular weekly news magazine

Name: Der Spiegel
Date first published: 1947
Editor: Stefan Aust
Average Circulation: 1.1 million per week

Der Spiegel is one of the most popular weekly news magazines in Germany today. The magazine is similar to magazines such as Time and The Economist. Der Spiegel usually contains in-depth articles concerning current events and issues but also has sections offering reviews of music, film and television.

Although the magazine has been criticised for the language it uses, Bastian Sick’s Zwiebelfisch column offers comic advice on German grammatical problems and the usage of the German language in general.

The first edition was published back in 1947, and the magazine can now be accessed online. There are different versions of Der Spiegel, such as the UniSPIEGEL, aimed at students, and SchulSPIEGEL, aimed at teenage readers. There is also an English language Spiegel available to read online.

Did you know ...

... the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung is famous for Streiflicht, a daily front page column, which is always published anonymously?