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Factfile: Famous German photographer

Name: Andreas Gursky
Profession: Photographer
Date of birth: 15 January 1955 (Leipzig)

A well-known German photographer, Andreas Gursky hit the news when his photo 9 Cent II Diptychon sold for a whopping 3.3 million US dollars in 2007 – at that time a world record. The work depicts an interior of a supermarket with numerous aisles depicting goods resulting in a colourful work

Before the 1990s, Gursky did not digitally manipulate his images but has changed his style since then.

Also known for his love of techno music, Gursky photographed the Dutch 'Dance Valley' festival in 1995. Here he captured a mass of people seemingly elevated by veils of smoke and strobe lighting while raving to a DJ’s beat.

Did you know ...

... one of the oldest works of art was made in Germany?