Report: 3 weeks in Frankfurt with young people from all over the world

By voyage reporter Sian Williams

The excitement begins!

I was extremely nervous. Nervous but excited. I was about to spend three weeks in Germany with a host family and twenty-eight other teenagers from fourteen different countries. It was all part of the Goethe-Institut's Frankfurt Summer School for die besten Deutschschüler aus Frankfurts Partnerstädten (the best German pupils in Frankfurt's partner cities). This included two pupils from each country and these countries were: England, Germany (Leipzig), Hungary, Poland, Canada, China, Egypt, Nicaragua, France, Italy, Dubai, Israel and the Czech Republic. This in itself was exciting for me; I was not only going to experience Germany, a country I want to move to after finishing my degree, but also meet other people my age and learn more about their culture. It really was a once in a lifetime-opportunity.

So the first day arrived. I said goodbye to my parents at the airport and set off for Frankfurt. Although I had been to Frankfurt before it was only for a week on an exchange. This was completely different, but fortunately I wasn't alone; Tom, also studying German, was the second German student from England. We were both feeling the nerves together!

After a short flight I landed at Frankfurt airport. I was welcomed by the mother and son of my host family holding up a sign with my name on it. They seemed to be impressed by my German, so I was happy already. My host family (Peter, Beate and the daughter Luise and son Jakob) couldn't have been any more welcoming. They truly made my experience in Germany worthwhile and introduced me to the German way of life and of eating. Lots of bread mainly! Living with a host family truly is the best way to experience German life.

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