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Report: A work placement in Bavaria

By voyage reporter Emily Sheen

Are you nervous?

"Are you nervous?" - "What is there to be nervous about? I'm only going to work a big hydraulic engineering company in a foreign country... oh! Help!!"

I was selected with one other girl from my school to participate in a work experience programme with Rexroth Bosch in Lohr am Main, Bavaria. We were entered into the Kaufmännisches or commercial side of the company, which was based more on the secretarial side of work.

Keine Karte, kein Mittagessen!

After an initial briefing with our mentors we were given our "credit cards" - courtesy of Bosch with fifteen Euros on to purchase all meals and snacks during the visit. "Keine Karte, kein Mittagessen" ('No card, no lunch') were the direct and to the point words of our supervisor!

Learning islands

At 9 o'clock, we all went off with our mentors to different departments. I was in the Lerninsel (Literally translating as 'Learning Island'), where new secretaries are taught how to manage the trainee mechanics downstairs. My mentor introduced me to different members of the department and explained briefly who worked for who and their roles. I learnt the basic workings of the office on my first day, such as the entering of data into the system sent by those wishing to undertake work experience there in the future.

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