Work as a volunteer in a company or organisation

Due to the remit of UK-German Connection, we are unable to offer direct assistance and advice on voluntary placements in Germany. However, we have put together a number of links to external organisations which might be able to help.

In a nutshell

Voluntary placements are a great idea if you are not sure what it is you want to do whilst you are abroad. Even though you are not getting paid, they can look really good on your CV, as well as offering you a great opportunity to gain experience of living and working abroad. Voluntary placements vary from organisation to organisation and from placement to placement. They can involve anything from working with children or old people to helping to conserve areas of Bavarian wetland!

Most organisations will probably expect you to have some knowledge of German before you take up the placement. If you want to see what level your German is before you apply, you can take an online sample test on the Goethe-Institut website: www.goethe.de