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  • GPC thematic workshop: religion and tolerance

    To celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, UK and German young people have written their own 95 Theses - find out what they came up with!

  • Wittgenstein

    "Die Grenzen meiner Sprache sind die Grenzen meiner Welt." Find out what our German Scholarships Programme participants thought about this topical quote.

  • German Pupil Courses: Rachel's video

    Find out what Rachel discovered during her time in Germany on the German Pupil Course programme.

  • Opportunities database

    Our opportunities database provides an at-a-glance overview of seminars, programmes and events for young people.

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In this part of the UK-German Connection website - the-voyage - you can find out about opportunities for young people and discover other young people's impressions of UK-German activities.