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Teachers' tips for a stress-free exchange

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Still apprehensive about organising an exchange visit to Germany? We've put together the best pieces of advice from experienced teachers to help you run a trip without any hiccups.

  • "Think about long-term goals of the project - how it could develop in the future."
  • "Advertise the exchange in assemblies or through school exchange ambassadors."
  • "Decide and agree in detail about all project tasks before starting the project to avoid misunderstanding between partners."
  • "Ensure children are in full communication, as long as possible before any travel, to ensure they already know their partners - possibilities include mail, e-mail, blogging, video conferencing, Skype etc."
  • "Keep families informed: in the lead up to our exchange visit I sent weekly then daily updates to hosts. They appreciated the contact and rather enjoyed the emails."
  • "Take the opportunity to make long-lasting publicity materials. We put together a collage and had the services of a past pupil who took photographs and made a film of the day. Both will be very useful for events such as Open Evenings."
  • "Aim high. Be ambitious. Just because no-one has never done something before doesn't mean it cannot be done. There always has to be a first. Why not you?"