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Profiles of the UK-German Youth Ambassadors 2011-12

Nickname: Mia

Age: 22

I live in the New Forest in the South of England, and have been studying German for just over 3 and 1/2 years.
Over the course of this year I will be carrying out several projects, including those mentioned below. I am really excited about these, and hope that they will be successful in encouraging an enthusiasm and interest in German for those taking part!

The first project that I am planning, involves the running of a German club for younger pupils in my school or a local primary school. The aim of the club will be to offer interesting information about important cultural events in the German calendar. Towards the end of the year members of the club will also have the opportunity to help organise and host a small scale version of a typically German cultural event.

I will also be contributing to the online magazine, and will be writing an article about the similarities and differences between the dreams and aspirations of young people in the UK and Germany.