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Profiles of the UK-German Youth Ambassadors 2011-12

Nickname: Mayan

Age: 23

Hello & Hallo!
Languages have always been a passion of mine and it shows through my academic studies;English, German, Arabic, French and Latin have always struck to be my favourite lessons. I wonder if it's because I love the logical way that German grammar is structured or whether Germany's history and culture is so intriguing, is the reason I chose to continue studying it through GCSE and now A-Level

I never remember learning German in my primary school. It was always (quite boring if I"™m honest) French which I think is a shame. This is why one of my projects is to teach in a local primary school for a term. Another project I plan to do is a German Art Competition with a local secondary school.

I'm an enthusiastic and confident person, feeling really revved for spreading the love for German!