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Profiles of the UK-German Youth Ambassadors 2011-12

Nickname: Katha

Age: 23

Youth Ambassador 2010 - 2011
& YA 2011 - 2012

I am Katharina and I already was a Youth Ambassador last Year.

I come from a small town, near Hanover and now I am in the 11th grade.
In my school I've already made two main projects.

One of them were a letter exchange with a German Club in Bradford. The 6th graders form my school replied the nice letters of the english pupils and in this way we wanted to built penpalships. The students were really excited and it was fun to write the letters with them together.

The other project was the Media Space on this website. We collected many articles and uploaded them on here. In this way the Media Space should become more interesting and especially up-to-date.

In this year I want to realise our plans of a classrelationship. We want the pupils around the age of 12 or 13 to get in touch with pupils from the other country.
For this, we planned to write cards for chistmas and easter, send typical sweets from each others country and make a video conference with both classes. We hope that this will be possible but we really look forward to this project - thanks to Kate!

The second project is a movie night in my school. I want to present them a typical movie from the UK. In this way I want to show that English is not just a subject in school with annoying grammar lessons but it even has an own culture with typical characteristics.

Finally, I am again a member of the Media Space group. We are searching for students who want to write about any themes. Maybe some films, hobbies, cities and so on - no matter what. We just wanna to make the page interesting and again up-to-date. For this we need YOUR help! So if you think you have an interesting article or text about anything you want, you're welcome to send it to me.

Furthermore, I really look forward to work with the other Youth Ambassadors together and want to thank UK German Connection for the nice weekend in London!

If you want to get in touch with me (as e.g. I am near your city) just feel free to contact me.

Yours Katharina