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Profiles of the UK-German Youth Ambassadors 2011-12

Nickname: Ylvi

Age: 24

Hey you :)

my name is Ylva and I am from a small village called Gertenbach near the small town Witzenhausen in the middle of Germany (between Kassel and Göttingen).

This is my third year as a youth ambassador and I can say I really enjoy working with UK-German Connection. You meet a lot of nice and friendly people and you get the oportunity to change something in your area.

In the past I have done a lot of small projekts and some bigger ones. I would like to mention some of them to give you an idea of your possibilities:

Food projekt- backing cookies and making sandwiches
The Wedding- deal with prince Wiliam and his family
surveys- compared with an english group. topics like christmas wishes, tradions, favourite sport at the olympics ....
Informationboard, visiting classes talking about british culture and writing articles for the hompage...

In this year I would like to help my year in school to get an real good impression of Great Britain and I would like to do an project about the olympics in London. But my biggest goal for this year is:

To help...
...the other ambassadors with support or what ever they need, maybe a partnerclass...
...people in my area to get in touch with UK-German Connection, to get projects startet or what ever they need
"¦schools in my area to get a project startet maybe evan doing one by myself.

So feel free to contact me. I have a lot of ideas and tips(;

Greetings from Gertenbach, Witzenhausen, Germany :)