Deutsche Welle

The 'Deutsche Welle' website features daily German radio news updates, an online soap opera, radio programmes, online games and more - all designed for German learners!

Involve your pupils in online language learning
Involve your pupils in online language learning.
BBC's Bitesize Revision

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Ashcombe School - Language resources

As a widely respected Language College with a remit to share resources with others, The Ashcombe School puts many language teaching resources online - from iPod projects to primary resources.

BBC Languages - FREE

The BBC website offers a wide range of language programmes, games and activities on all levels.

BBC's Bitesize Revision

The BBC's Bitesize Revision website covers several GCSE subjects, including German. The material is written by examiners and teachers and reflects key areas of the examination syllabus.

BBC Cool German

The BBC Cool German website offers short audio files with colloquial German vocabulary on several youth-related topics. A good way to bring German youth culture alive in the classroom!

BBC's schools programme guide

The BBC’s schools programme guide informs you about German language series which are broadcast in The Learning Zone on BBC TWO. Series like Hallo aus Berlin and D-Mag can be used as interesting and up-to-date classroom resources.

Beginner's German Online Course

Paul Joyce of the German Department of the University of Portsmouth has designed an online beginner's German course which contains twelve chapters of dialogue and exercises, as well as providing information about life and culture in the German-speaking countries.

Culturally Authentic Pictoral Lexicon

An extremely useful pictoral lexicon, with words and images for everything from 'Astronaut' to 'Zement'.

Curriculum bits is an online library of e-learning resources that can be accessed free of charge. All resources are developed by e-learning specialists in collaboration with teachers to ensure that each activity meets specific objectives of the national curriculum. The use of video, audio, animation and interactivity engages students to facilitate learning.

Deutsch lernen - Deutsche Welle

Die Deutsche Welle's website for German teachers and learners offers a wide range of free online resources. Highlights include the web-soap 'Jojo sucht das Glück' and the audio course 'Radio D', as well as regularly updated texts and worksheets to download. - Learning German

Education Scotland Modern Languages

An up-to-date overview of the latest DVDs, podcasts, a TV and cinema guide with films to use in the classroom is provided by Education Scotland.

Foreign-language TV

Deutsche Welle online

Die Deutsche Welle (DW), is the official German international broadcaster. They offer a vast online radio and TV programme in German, English and 30 other languages. You can receive their TV programmes in digital mode via satellite or per online video stream from their website:

Ehrensenf - online TV programme

Funny, short news in German, presented by young people and based on interesting and curious websites. A brilliant way to capture your pupils' attention.


The German news channel N-TV offers online video programmes and podcasts on all the latest topics:

Planet Schule

You can find interesting films that cover curriculum subjects and topics of special interest for pupils on the Planet Schule website. Recommended for A-Level students of German:

Tagesschau online

Your pupils can watch online video news and podcasts from Germany’s most famous news programme.

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