The Gingerbread Man


Part 3: Caught by the fox!

Die Geschichte vom Lebkuchenmann!

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The Gingerbread Man The Gingerbread Man

The horse runs after the Gingerbread Man, together with the cow, the pig and the little old woman. But the Gingerbread Man is too fast for them.

The Gingerbread Man laughs and laughs, until he comes to a river. "Oh, no!", he cries. "They will catch me! I have to cross the river!".

A clever fox appears and says, "I can help you cross the river. Jump on my back and I will swim across". "You do not want to eat me, do you?", asks the Gingerbread Man. "Of course not", says the clever fox. The Gingerbread Man jumps on the back of the fox. The fox then swims through the river. The fox says, "The water gets deeper and deeper. Jump onto my nose." So the Gingerbread Man jumps onto the nose of the fox. Then, the clever fox throws the Gingerbread Man into the air. He opens his mouth, then, 'Snap!', catches him in his mouth and eats the Gingerbread Man.

That was the end of the Gingerbread Man

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Wörter Ahoi! · Words Ahoy!

English Deutsch
to cry weinen
to cross the river den Fluss überqueren
back der Rücken
to swim schwimmen
deeper and deeper tiefer und tiefer
nose die Nase
to throw into the air in die Luft werfen
mouth der Mund